d. motha f***** rose

His smile>

Embrace how I live.

life is beautiful. people are interesting. mostly because no one’s ordinary. because in the story of our lives are smaller stories .. tragic stories, love stories, comedies .. etc. the real story, though, is the story of our love. how much we can love ourselves, how much we can love others, etc. every single story we’ve experienced contributes to that story. it’s the subplot that’s actually the main plot. because in every tragic story is a message of love .. because in every love story are lessons of love .. and because every comedy illustrates love in another form. &beautifully, love is infinite.

my story? my story has just begun. i’m a survivor. after all the hardships, accomplishments, good times, whatever .. i am who i am today. tougher skin, wiser mind, same heart. i’m imperfect, but that’s my favorite part about me. because God has blessed us with possibility. the possibility to learn, to love, to see, to dream .. to pick ourselves up when we fall. and we don’t do it alone .. because God’s there to offer us His hand. God is quiet, but sometimes we just have to listen hard enough.



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i love the way he handles his game.

One day.

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For too many people, the easiest thing to do is assume everything sucks. Becoming passionate about something—really loving it—requires putting yourself on the line. It also requires that at some point, you might be let down by that which you love. We all disappoint each other, and nobody’s perfect. We say these things, but too often, we don’t really believe them. Deep down, we’re hoping we’ll find someone or something that never lets us down, that will forgive us every time we let them down. To a real degree, that’s probably why many people lose themselves in the pop culture of their childhood: When you were a kid, disappointment was barely a word in your vocabulary, and if you loved something, you loved it without reservation. Now, you’re an adult. Even if you love something, there’s often a detachment, a sense that if you pull away just far enough, you can stay enamored without falling too far. Then when the time comes, you can cut bait and head home, secure in your ability to keep from being hurt too much.


Manny knows speed. Manny knows precision. Manny knows power. (Taken with instagram)

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